Back to the Basics

After skipping a few weeks of Aritculate learning challenges, I hopped back in the saddle this week. This challenge was nerdily fun. David asked us to create an interaction about an instructional design principle and frankly, I had a hard time choosing!

I went with 4 part Learning Objectives and had some fun with it.

Why Learning Objectives?

I didn’t want to make a click and reveal this week. I needed more fun in my life.

I was doing a little brainstorming and thought about a Mr.Potato Head type of activity with the parts of learning objectives – where you could play around and nothing would be wrong!  That sounded fun.  So, LOs it was.

Visual Design

Once I decided on my topic, I wanted some color inspiration.  I literally googled “color palettes” and found this amazing website called Design Seeds.  Check it out if you ever need color inspiration.  Seriously!GlobalBrights_1

I have also been learning more about typography and wanted to go with a good two font combo for this project. I googled “font combinations” and came across another neat site, I Font You. I found some inspiration and was able to mimic a style combo I liked with fonts I already had. Orator Std and Rockwell made a nice pairing.

Instructional Slide

Since the content was the A-B-C-D format for learning objectives, designing my single instructional slide was easy.  I used large letters and introduced each concept in order. When you click on the concepts, you get more information.

I used a combination of “word art” and voice over to quickly explain each part of the objectives. Each explanation first gives a frequently used, but not very good, option(s) and then gives examples of how those can be improved.



Quick Quiz

I made a quick quiz question to check understanding.  It’s a pretty simple drag and drop, where you are choosing the best version of each of the 4 parts (audience, behavior, condition and degree). If you get it right, you get to continue to the “Mr. Potato Head” slide. If you get it wrong, you have to go back to the instructional slide.



The Fun Slide

Ok, so it’s no Mr. Potato Head really but I think this is kind of a fun way to get a little more exposure to the subject 🙂

Note that I used the same colors for each part of the objectives throughout.
Audience is always green, behavior is yellow, condition is orange, and degree is blue.



The Intro Slide

This slide I created last as I wasn’t sure until the end if I wanted to let folks skip to the fun slide.  But then I thought, why not?  Life is short, folks.



There it is! Go ahead and have some learning objective fun!


  1. Well done, Allison! So many great ideas going on with this one. I really like the build-your-own-objectives activity. And using colors for each part is a nice touch.

    One thing that came to mind was to include an option to disable the colors so each part of the objective was the same color.


  2. Thanks Jackie and David!
    David, I like that idea of diasbling the colors… especially on the fridge magnet slide! It kind of makes me wish I went with a black and white theme 🙂


  3. Hi Allison,
    This is so fantastic. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing as much as you do!


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