Sliding Along with Storyline 2

I was one of the lucky folks that got to beta test Storyline 2 and lemme tell ya’ – it was hard to hold my tongue.  I am so happy that it was officially released last week so I can share my excitement about this upgrade! So happy that, for the next few weeks, I will be blogging about just how excited SL2 makes me.

One of the features I have had lots of fun playing with are the sliders. I had built a couple of “sliders” in SL1 but they just never really worked how I wanted them to. Storyline 2 makes it SO easy!

Slider features

What makes sliders a great new feature is a combination of things.

  • Obviously #1 is that you can now easily create a dragging action that is constrained to 1 dimension.
  • Each slider can be tied to a variable of your choice. Yep, sliders can control variables attached to other items in your file.
  • You can completely customize how a slider looks. 100%. Totally customizable.

How does this make me feel?

Some basic examples

The videos below walk you through a couple simple examples that I created using SL2. You can click on the image above to demo these sliders yourself.



Advanced sliders

Want a more custom look? Want your slider to act like a 1D drag and drop? Want to create a scrolling panel? You can click the happy image above (or right here) to see some fancier sliders in action. Maybe some day soon I will get around to creating screencasts for these as well, but in the meantime you can download the source file for all 4 of these slider interactions. Have fun!



  1. Thanks Allison, I love the ideas – how does the using sliders to create scrolling panels work? I want to add a map and allow the learner to move across it like Dorothy does with the picture dack drop.


    1. Hey Gillian,
      It is actually two sliders that are linked through using the same variable for each. You can download the source file to see how it works in more detail, but let me know if you have any specific questions!


  2. Hi Allison
    I am also interested in the scrolling panel works. Tried to download the source file but the zip contains only lots of xml files. Do you mean that the first slider provides the second one with values in some way to perform the scrolling?




    1. Hey Gustaf,
      I am not sure why the source file download didn’t work. I just click on the link and was able to download the .story file.
      The sliders are linked to each other by using the same variable for both (the top left option under the slider design tab). Just choose the same variable for both sliders but start one at the low value (say 0) and the other at the high value (say 10). That way, each slider will always be acting opposite of the other. It creates a nice scroll effect.


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