Slider Encore

Somehow, magically, I was ahead of the game last week.

Not long after I published my Sliding Along with Storyline 2 post, David posted that this week’s ELH Challenge would be to create something using the new sliders feature! Imagine my surprise and delight when my post was featured on the challenge page.

I could have taken this as a free pass for the week – and almost did! – but decided instead to have a little more fun.

So, here is yet another slider demo for you to play around with.


This demo uses four different sliders.  3 of them just change the states for elements on the screen (main walls, accent wall, and floor). The fourth slider is the one I love. Take a look:

Do you spot that fourth slider? Yep, it’s the wall! Here’s a look at it partially down:


And if you pull the thumb on the slider all the way down:


How’d I do it?  Easy!

This is actually a built in slider, nothing fancy. I just made it REALLY big. Most of the built in thumbs have texture, but there is one that doesn’t (though it does have that funny little shadow that shows up as a white line).

If you’d like to see more “behind the scenes” on this project, please feel free to download the source file and have at it. (I also sneak in a use of the motion paths feature, which I’ll talk about next week!)

Be sure to check out the other fabulous entries from this week’s challenge. There is some great inspiration in there!

Have a slider-iffic day!


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