Starting the New Year with a Bang!

Now that the exhaustion and constant movement that comes along with the joy of the holidays has subsided, I decided to tackle a couple of old ELH Challenges! This demo takes on two recent ones: interactive charts and graphs and the color of the year.

I took my inspiration from a simple, interactive graph I created recently for a client project. I thought it would be a great template to share and also added an alternative view.

View #1 (the alternate view)


The first view allows you to choose which sets of data you want to compare.

This slide uses check boxes to toggle a T/F variable for each set a data. The bars a programmed to change to a hidden state if the corresponding variable is changed to ‘false’ and to a normal state if it is changed to ‘true’.

View #2 (the original view)

  2015-01-05_16-16-30  2015-01-05_16-11-51

The second slide allows you to looks at each set of data more in depth, rather than comparing it to another set. However, you can easily toggle between the sets of data.

In this view, the slider triggers a state change for each bar. As the slider moves, the states for each of the bars change to their corresponding states.

Download the template!

You can check out each of the charts in more depth by playing around with the demo or downloading the template. Enjoy!

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