Storyline vs. Captivate Part 5


Today is a continuation of this ongoing comparison. For a full comparison, check out this post.

Feature Captivate 8 Storyline 2 Notes
Integration is smooth and gives you a few options such as having slides advance automatically or with a mouse click. It also can “link” to the PPT so changes can quickly be updated.The downside is that everything is updated as a .swf so all edits to the imported material has to be made within PPT. When I tested this feature in SL2, there were some weird quirks. For example, several of the pictures ended up flipped.On the other hand, SL imports each object separately so you can edit text and images directly within the program. Both programs allow you to import PPT slides from an existing PPT project. This can really come in handy if you have a template or storyboard you want to use and build upon. You will likely still need to do significant work in either program once imported.
Player Skins Captivate doesn’t have much that SL doesn’t on this front, but it does have some textures you can add to the player border which, in theory, is nice. In reality, a couple are ok, but for the most part these are very Windows-’97-screensaver. I love working with the player skin in SL. The possibilities are truly endless and you can even change which player elements show up on each individual slide. In addition, you can create customized links on the player to any URL or slide within the project. Both of these allow for some general customizations in buttons on the player, player colors, and whether to add a menu/table of contents.
Table of Contents/
Both programs allow for similar settings within a TOC/menu. You can choose which slides will be shown or hidden, create outline structures, rename slides, change the position and look of the menu, enable a search bar, lock navigation, etc.
Publishing Options Captivate allows you to pretty easily storyboard within the program by giving you lots of printing options. In addition, you can publish as an interactive PDF, to Adobe Connect, or as a video optimized for various players (iPad, iPhone, YouTube). SL can publish directly to their LMS, Articulate Online or as an .exe for use on a thumb drive. They also have a mobile player and you have the option to allow downloading of the project to that app for offline viewing. Both applications will allow you to publish as HTML5 and/or SWF. Both are SCORM, AICC, and xAPI/Tin Can compatible and allow you to report out quiz scores or % completion.

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