Nederveld-06Oct15-2_cropI am a problem solver who loves to learn and help others learn.  I specialize in performance improvement, instructional design and eLearning. With a performance improvement approach to learning, I aim to make learning effective and relevant for every learner. My top 5 Strengths are Strategic, Input, Connectedness, Adaptability, and Intellection.


I recently started a new position as the Assistant Director for Instructional Design at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. It’s an exciting position where I get to work with faculty every day to help improve student learning.

I am also pursuing my M.A. in Instructional System Development at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

In my spare time I love to run and participate in triathlons, travel to new places, read all I can, hang out with my family, and foster dogs with City Dogs Rescue DC.


I have 15 years of experience in education, learning and development and have worked in corporate, government, higher ed, and non-profit settings.

Check out my portfolio for some samples of my work products and my Linked In profile for more information on my work history.

Me and my dog

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