Storyline vs. Captivate Part 7


Today is a continuation of this ongoing comparison. For a full comparison, check out this post.

Feature Captivate 8 Storyline 2 Notes
508 Compliance This could be an entire post on its own. Suffice it to say that Captivate used to win this category hands down. But the most recent update of SL2 added some really great 508 options that I think have now pushed SL to the forefront on this category. These include being able to heavily customize keyboard tabbing in addition to some of the more standard options.
Closed Captioning Captivate offers built in closed captioning. You can customize the look and timing and, while a bit time consuming, it is pretty easy to do (And important!). SL offers no way to do built in closed captioning. You can custom create this but it takes a LOT of time (I have done it before!). Your best option in SL, though it isn’t as useful for the learner, is to use the notes feature as a transcript. This is the one area of 508 compliance where Captivate wins hands down. Either way, captioning videos is tough to do. You can always use You Tube, Aegisub or other online programs to caption videos or other portions of your project.
Adding Video & Animations SL has a lot less options for the types of videos you can import and for embedding from a website. However, it does allow you to split one video across multiple slides. This can come in handy if you want to have users interact with the video in order to advance it. You do also have more control over the look of the video player skin. You can add in any Flash element, video from a file (FLV, MP4, SWF – other types will convert to MP4 when imported), video from a website (you will need the embed code), or record video from your webcam into SL. You can also embed web objects (that is, web pages) into the project. You don’t have any control over how a video player looks but you can turn it off if you want.
Object Animations & Effects Captivate has a text animation option that is quick and easy to use. It just simply does PPT style text animations. It also has a somewhat hidden effects panel that is not very user friendly but is actually quite powerful. This can be used to add animations and effects to almost any element of your project. Captivate also allows you to “time” some of your effects, such as an object glow. Storyline’s animation options aren’t as powerful, but they are very easy to use. There are tabs for transitions (entry animation effects for entire slides) and for animations (entry, exit, and motion path effects for individual objects). It also allows you to also trigger a motion path. All SL effects (shadow, reflection, glow) are static and applied to an object for the entire time it is on the screen.