Show some love

Happy Valentine’s Day! In the valentines spirit, this morning I attended a webinar hosted by Kineo on “8 ways to make your learners fall in love”.

I don’t really know how I ended up on the email list for Kineo but I’m glad I did.  They have a lot of great resources for eLearning professionals… like this webinar!  I thought I would summarize a few points here that I really liked.

Go slow and woo with styleposter of smokey the bear that says "only you"

That is, create a learning campaign.  Learning shouldn’t happen in a bubble.  It needs support on the front end (hype) and reinforcement on the back end to make it stick. Think about awareness campaigns (Smokey the bear, This is your brain on drugs) and get creative in how you hype and reinforce your learning experiences.  Repeated small exposures will stay with your learner much better than a one time, 3 hour course.

Gifts are nice

We can talk all we want about intrinsic motivation, but not everyone will be intrinsically motivated to take mandatory courses.  So what are some ways we can give them a little extra push?

Star student blue ribbon stickerSome companies can offer monetary incentives; one example shared was a company that offered a helicopter trip to the person that earns the most points, complete with a leaderboard in the LMS.

But what can you do that won’t cost much? A free way to incentivize is with badges.  They are all the rage these days.  And Mozilla makes it easy for anyone to offer badges that can be posted on social networks.

Another way is through games. Just make sure that the game is actually contributing to learning and is not just a fun and pretty distraction.

Don’t take the love for granted

One of my favorite ideas was getting learners to create something or complete a worksheet that they then discussed with a manager or mentor. This allows some reinforcement of the learning in addition to serving as a knowledge check.


  • Speak directly to your media icons
  • Use personalized stories and examples that your learners will relate to.
  • Allow learners to connect with each other through social media or your LMS.


If you liked these tips and want some more, you can watch a replay of the full webinar on the Kineo website.

Also, earlier this week I got an email from Kineo that gave me $100 off registration for ASTD ICE!  Another great reason to follow this company and others like it.