Sliding Along with Storyline 2

I was one of the lucky folks that got to beta test Storyline 2 and lemme tell ya’ – it was hard to hold my tongue.  I am so happy that it was officially released last week so I can share my excitement about this upgrade! So happy that, for the next few weeks, I will be blogging about just how excited SL2 makes me.

One of the features I have had lots of fun playing with are the sliders. I had built a couple of “sliders” in SL1 but they just never really worked how I wanted them to. Storyline 2 makes it SO easy!

Slider features

What makes sliders a great new feature is a combination of things.

  • Obviously #1 is that you can now easily create a dragging action that is constrained to 1 dimension.
  • Each slider can be tied to a variable of your choice. Yep, sliders can control variables attached to other items in your file.
  • You can completely customize how a slider looks. 100%. Totally customizable.

How does this make me feel?

Some basic examples

The videos below walk you through a couple simple examples that I created using SL2. You can click on the image above to demo these sliders yourself.



Advanced sliders

Want a more custom look? Want your slider to act like a 1D drag and drop? Want to create a scrolling panel? You can click the happy image above (or right here) to see some fancier sliders in action. Maybe some day soon I will get around to creating screencasts for these as well, but in the meantime you can download the source file for all 4 of these slider interactions. Have fun!