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Storyline vs. Captivate Part 6


Today is a continuation of this ongoing comparison. For a full comparison, check out this post.

Feature Captivate 8 Storyline 2 Notes
Find & Replace Captivate allows you to not only do a find/replace, but to search by type of object (caption, smart shape, video, etc.). This is a nice feature if you want to change words in, say, a demo but not in a quiz question. Both of these have a standard type of find/replace interface where you can search by whole or partial words or decide if you want the case to match.
Click Boxes Captivate has handy click boxes that have built in feedback options. You can decide to turn on the “Success”, “Failure”, and “Hint” options. These will automatically give the learner appropriate feedback if they click on the box or anywhere outside of the box. Any object can become a click box in SL. While there is no option with automatic built in success and failure captions, you can build this out pretty easily. It also gives you more options for defining what constitutes success and failure and to customize the look of the click box and captions. Click boxes are used when you want the learner to click on something on the screen. A click box is placed over the area you want them to click on.
Text Entry Boxes Text entry has built in caption options similar to click boxes. Again, it makes it very quick to set up an interactive activity and corresponding feedback. Like stated above, SL text entry and numerical entry boxes require a little more finagling but in turn offer the ability for greater customization. Text entry boxes are used when you want the learner to input a word or number. You can validate text entry in either program by entering the correct possibilities.