Storyline vs. Captivate Part 4


Today is a continuation of this ongoing comparison. For a full comparison, check out this post.

This week is all about audio! I’ll take a look at audio importing & recording, along with some peripherally related features.

Feature Captivate 8 Storyline 2 Notes
Slide Notes & Captioning Closed captioning is one area where Captivate definitely wins over SL2, hands down. Captivate allows you to enter in slide notes as small portions which can transition into closed captions that you can time to the audio. Storyline does not offer Closed Captioning. You can use the notes as a kind of transcript for each slide, but the user will see all the notes for a slide at any given time. This can make it hard to caption animations or slides where you have several elements contingent on user input.
Importing Audio Captivate allows you to import audio to an object or slide. In addition, you can import a background audio (think, background music) that you can set to automatically reduce in volume when narration is added.One additional great feature of Captivate audio is the ability to split audio over several slides. This feature can really come in handy when doing screen captures and software demos. SL allows you to import audio to slides and layers. With the way triggers are set up, it is also easy to trigger audio to play at a certain point or when a certain action happens.
Recording Audio Both programs allow for recording audio straight into your project. For best quality sound, an external program should be used to record audio. One free program that offers lots of possibility is Audacity.
Editing Audio Both Storyline and Captivate allow for minimal audio editing (cut, copy, paste, insert silence, insert audio clip).For any other editing, an external program should be used.
Text-to-Speech This is a feature in Captivate that SL does not have. It can automatically convert your notes into a GPS/Siri-like speech. Some of the voices work better than others. This isn’t necessarily great for finished products as it can have issues with pronunciation but it is a GREAT tool for drafts so you don’t have to re-record audio several times.